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How Do We Price Our Builds?

You might be wondering how much it would cost to have your custom CTC designed and built?

We believe we have a unique and simple approach to this question.
Our labor cost is based on the size of trailer.

We will work with you to determine the size trailer you need, or you can provide us with the trailer you have, we are flexible in our approach, after all, this CTC is all about YOU!

Once the size is determined, we offer a straight forward pricing schedule so you know what the labor will cost you up front. You pay for all materials, plus 10% to cover picking them up, unless you deliver them to us.


Labor cost is based on size of the trailer, we charge $20.00/SqFt, plus a $350.00 Start Fee which is due at signing

Example, let's say you have a 6x12 enclosed cargo trailer you would like to have converted to your ideal camper;
6x12 = 72 Square Feet @ 20/SqFt = $1,440.00 plus $350.00 for a total cost of $1,790.00 with you providing the trailer and all materials to us.

Should you opt to have us buy the trailer and/or materials, simply add 10% to whatever the cost is of those items that we purchase and provide.


We can also provide delivery to you of your finished CTC trailer anywhere in the lower 48 states for a simple fee, with current fuel costs, delivery is $1.25/mile from our shop to your chosen pickup spot.

Go Green
go off-grid

Light up your RV using the sun

harness the sun

Store the sun's energy
in an onboard battery system

Electrical Power

Convert the sun's energy
to electricity to power your RV

Opening up new adventures
new places to camp.

Thin Blue Line
Thin Blue Line